Our Mission

Loving God, Growing Together, Serving Others

Loving God

We gather to love God and to help each other do the same. We gather and help all who come through the door understand that God wants for us to love Him.  Not just any god, we gather to love God the Father, who would send God the Son, and fill us with Himself, the Holy Spirit.

The beauty of this phrase, Love God, is that we all know how to love.  Love, in part, comes naturally to us.  Certainly there is a lifetime of learning in it, but children are born knowing how to love their parents who love them.  They naturally respond to this love that is poured into and upon them, they naturally respond in love.  

As the children of God, we love because He first loved us.  Our love is a response to His love that He has poured into and upon us. 

Growing Together

As we love God, we become like Him, and love what He loves— all of His children.  As we love others, we want for them what God wants for them: to become more and more like Christ.  When we love someone, we want them to experience the fullness of life, which is found in loving God.  If we both love God and each other, we grow together in Christ.

We all have a role in teaching and learning from each other, representing Christ to each other.  It is as we live life together: in our eating and drinking, in our working and playing, in our defeats and victories, that we encourage each other to be more like Jesus.  

Serving Others

As we truly love people - a result of loving God - we start to take the time and have the eyes to see their needs and their hurts.  When we love others, we respond by meeting those needs.  We live in a hurting world and it cries out to God in its pain, wondering if God responds.  He does.  And we are to be part of His response.

We do not fully understand who we are created to be in God’s image, until we experience being witnesses and stewards of His grace.  We continue to grow in Christ-likeness as we uncover the gifts that God has given us.  These gifts are to serve the needs of God’s children and to proclaim God’s healing actions.  

We are imitators of Christ, who gave Himself for those who are lost and hurting.